These are some samples of what people have said about my book,
This Little Light: Beyond a Baptist Preacher Predator and His Gang.

“The SBC has refused to keep a list of its criminal clergymen; Brown has kindly begun to keep one for them, pro bono. They have clearly bullied the wrong woman, and in so doing have awakened both a whistleblower of historic proportions and a writer.”
Patrick Lindsay Bowles, Times Literary Supplement (London)

“Moving, eye-opening, shocking and even suspenseful . . . Christa Brown does not hold back in this courageous account of her journey from impressionable clergy sex abuse victim to tenacious advocate.”
Luci Westphal, filmmaker, All God’s Children

“Christa Brown had me pacing and angry after just a few chapters … oh hell, the book pulled all my strings. In the end, I could not put it down.”
Mojoey, blogger, Deep Thoughts

“Frightening, heart-breaking, gripping, and an incredibly thorough account. Christa maps out and documents, step by step. . . the utter indifference of the Southern Baptist Convention and the outright contempt it has demonstrated for victims of abuse by its own clergy.”
Jeri Massi, author, Schizophrenic Christianity

“This book should rightly make any honest Christian furious . . . as one reads page after page of the twisted, lie-filled and hypocritical response of the Southern Baptist bureaucracy.”
Rev. Thomas Doyle, J.C.D., author, Sex Priests and Secret Codes

“Despite the extraordinary recalcitrance of Baptist officials, Christa’s story is not one of fatalism and bitterness, but of courage and hope.”
David Clohessy, National Director, Survivors’ Network of those Abused by Priests

“Christa Brown… a su pourtant mettre des mots sur l’indicible.”
Alexis Buisson, Réforme magazine (France) (Translation: “Christa Brown… knew how to give words to the unspeakable.”)

“How can one find words for evil such as this? And yet Christa has done so.”
Barbara Roberts, author, Not under Bondage

“Christa Brown is a courageous, tenacious campaigner against sexual abuse among Southern Baptist clergy — some of whom have taken it upon themselves to lecture the nation on personal morality. As this book so ably demonstrates, clergy sex abuse is not confined to the Catholic Church.”
Mark I. Pinsky, author, A Jew Among the Evangelicals

“I often hear survivors say that the harm caused by the church’s processing of their disclosure of abuse is more deeply scarring than the abuse itself. Christa’s book explains the truths behind those reports and even offers remedies to anyone who has ears to hear.”
Barbra Graber, founder,

“Christa’s no nonsense approach to abusers and how they operate in the church is desperately needed at a time when church leaders attempt to sanitize abuse language, keep abusers’ secrets for them, and give them protective cover in the church…It should be required reading in every seminary across every denomination.”
Jimmy Hinton, author, The Devil Inside

Christa Brown “has become the public face of victims of abuse who hope to force the Baptist church to acknowledge their allegations and take concrete action to identify and sanction abusers.”
Austin American-Statesman

“L’église baptiste, paradis des pédophiles.”
Books magazine (France) (Translation: “The Baptist church, paradise of pedophiles.”)

“In Baptist style, she moves from testimony to evangelism, detailing her struggles to convince the church establishment to try to prevent future abuse by other ministers. . . .  But particularities of Baptist doctrine and culture have allowed the problem to remain invisible longer. . .  Congregational autonomy turns out to be conveniently useful for protecting the powerful.”
— Josh Garrett-Davis, Killing the Buddha

“This Little Light of hers outshines the abusers.”
Baptist Planet

“You will weep with her, and you will cheer for her. This Little Light pierces the darkness.”
Foremost Press

“Book says SBC lacks system for preventing sexual abuse.”
Associated Baptist Press

This Little Light “clearly demonstrates the widespread patterns of fear and denial that operate in place of the courage and compassion that the SBC so boldly claims as fundamental to the denomination. . . . This is a book that Baptist leaders should not ignore. Still I predict they will.”
Dee Miller, author, How Little We Knew

“Christa Brown’s saga resonates … now that I’m a mother. . . .  This Little Light should stir Baptist leaders to action. And it should help all of us understand just exactly what’s at stake.”
Eileen Flynn, Austin American-Statesman

“I guarantee that any right thinking Christian is going to be angry after reading this book.”
Debbie Kaufman, blogger, Ministry of Reconciliation