My Book


This Little Light:
Beyond a Baptist Preacher Predator and His Gang



What do Baptist leaders do about a minister reported to them for child molestation?


Nothing even when another minister knows about the abuse and says so.

Nothing even when the largest statewide Baptist organization in the country concludes there is “substantial evidence” the abuse took place. Nothing even when the man is still working in children’s ministry.

Do they warn people in the pews? No. Do they provide counseling for the victim? No. Do they remove the man from ministry? No.

This is the reality that I encountered in Baptistland when I tried to report the minister who molested and raped me as a kid. It was a reality I couldn’t accept.

This Little Light is the documented true story of my determination to assure that what was done to me would not be done to others.

The decision to write the book did not come easily. Why in the world would I choose to speak publicly about something so unspeakable? In the words of my favorite childhood song, I decided to let “this little light of mine” shine in the hope that it might illumine a path for others and open a gateway for change.

This Little Light is a combination memoir and exposé. It not only tells my personal story, but with extensive footnotes, it also documents the beginning of activist efforts to bring clergy accountability to Baptistland.

The book is dedicated to the countless other clergy abuse victims whose voices have been silenced by this powerful, tentacular faith group.

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