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“If religion matters at all, it matters enough to be taken to task.”
 — from the manifesto of Killing the Buddha

— Quoted: “I believe this upcoming Guidepost report will be analogous to the John Jay Report in the sense that it will lay a foundation for the next two decades of work in trying to construct a system that will foster accountability.” “A major report on sexual abuse and the Southern Baptist Convention is imminent,” The Tennessean, 5/15/2022.

— “Christa Brown has repeatedly documented cases where abused persons attempted to get help from denominational officials and not only were told nothing could be done but often were treated with derision.” “As report of SBC Sexual Abuse Task Force nears, Southern Baptists are just beginning to count the cost,” Baptist News Global, 5/11/2022.

— When SBC presidential candidate Willy Rice doubled down on defense of deacon removed for abusive behavior, I labeled it as “exploitation of religious language for obfuscation” and expressed my revulsion for how he used “the blood of Jesus to excuse the church’s irresponsible act of making a known abuser into a deacon.” “In Sunday sermon, SBC presidential candidate defends deacons he removed over past abusive behavior,” Baptist News Global, 4/3/2022.

— Commenting on the removal of a deacon from the church of SBC presidential candidate Willy Rice: “It shouldn’t take a pastor running for SBC president in order for an SBC church to come clean with what it knows about one of its own deacons.” “SBC presidential candidate Willy Rice removes deacon over past ‘abusive’ behavior,Baptist News Global, 4/1/2022.

— Asked to comment on a recorded & leaked conversation, I pointed out that the SBC is “a buck-stops-nowhere system,” and said: “Morally and ethically, the Executive Committee has an obligation to try to make amends for the harm it has caused in many survivors’ lives.” “Another dispute over SBC’s mishandling of sexual abuse claims breaks out on Twitter,” Baptist News Global, 3/19/2022.

— Regarding the SBC Executive Committee’s settlement of a sexual abuse survivor’s case, I was “less optimistic” in viewing it as demonstrative of care for survivors generally, and described it instead as “a strategic decision in a single case to avoid risks they were confronting.” Includes link to my 29-page memo to Guidepost. “SBC leaders make amends with abuse survivor,” World, 2/25/22.

— “In addition to an in-person meeting, Brown sent a memo to Guidepost Solutions…with suggested recommendations for future policy changes.” Summarizes suggestions and includes Bruce Frank’s “deeply grateful” quote. “Southern Baptist Convention sexual abuse inquiry must include policy recommendations, advocates urge,” The Tennessean, 2/14/2022.

— “Christa Brown, who has been among the most prominent and vocal of abuse survivors submitted her list of suggestions to Guidepost Solutions.” “SBC’s sexual abuse investigation has gathered 4 terabytes of data and already produced about 100 interviews,” Baptist News Global, 2/9/2022.

— “Christa Brown said it best: ‘The old guard versus new guard paradigm is not my point of view. There is a long, long entrenched pattern. There is a systemic problem that is wholly lacking structures for accountability. You cannot solve it by simply putting new faces into those same inadequate structures.’” “A story behind the story on the SBC and sexual abuse,” Baptist News Global, 2/4/2022.

— How many times can a survivor be expected to “reach out an open hand only to pull back a bloody stump?” It’s a question raised by my 29-page memorandum detailing the mishandling of sexual abuse by the SBC Executive Committee over the course of 18 years. “Survivor reveals new details of how Southern Baptist leaders mishandled abuse allegations,” The Roys Report, 2/2/2022.

— “A 29-page single-spaced memorandum…alleges at least 18 years of mishandling specific instances of sexual abuse by the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee. The allegations include resistance to meaningful abuse reform initiatives and the mistreatment and intimidation of survivors. The memorandum…describes all these instances with vivid detail and comprehensive documentation.” “29-page memorandum illustrates what the SBC Sexual Abuse Task Force is hearing,” Baptist News Global, 2/2/2022.

— “Some of these recent state convention motions and resolutions may carry the appearance of caring about abuse, but whether they will hold substance remains to be seen.” “Spurred by national debate over sex abuse investigation, Southern Baptists take initiative to state level,” The Tennessean, 11/21/2021.

— Pointing out that, years ago, Christa Brown called on the SBC to create a database of clergy predators. Then: “Heaps of additional data may create powerful pressure for the SBC to adopt recommendations for these kinds of reforms” such as a database, Brown said. Meanwhile, “survivors are left waiting and hoping.” “There’s another sexual abuse inquiry underway within the Southern Baptist Convention,” Tennessean, 10/24/2021.

— “A systemic cure for this institution’s ails will be painful and it will mean sacrifice,” Brown said. “But if the SBC winds up needing to sell nearly all its assets for the sake of providing reparations and restitution to those it has so grievously harmed, then this would be for the good.” “Southern Baptist leader resigns over rifts over sex abuse,” Associated Press, 10/15/2021 (reprinted in Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Claims Journal, CT Insider, La Cross Tribune, Spokesman-Review).

— The process of exposing clergy sex abuse in the Southern Baptist Convention “has taken years and was initiated by survivor-advocates like Christa Brown.” “Who gets to critique the church?” Gen, 9/30/2021.

— “‘None of this would be a conversation if Christa Brown hadn’t sacificed so much,’ tweeted activist Hannah-Kate Williams…Christa Brown…is considered among the first to speak out about sexual abuse in the SBC.” “To preach or not to preach,Have Faith, Colorado newsletter, 9/24/2021.

— Quoted: “The juxtaposition of nice-sounding talk with a lack of any care or action feels duplicitous and lessens any possibility of trust. It is yet another way of being re-victimized and exploited.” “‘Identity crisis’: Will the US’s largest evangelical denomination move even further right?The Guardian, 6/15/2021.

— Great headline here & article document’s Augie Boto letter denouncing the work of Rachael Denhollander and me as being part of a “satanic scheme.” “SBC Executive Committee declines to entertain the idea of expanding the scope of its investigation into itself,” Baptist News Global, 6/14/2021.

“Sex abuse survivors call for system-wide audit of Southern Baptist Convention,” The Washington Post, 6/14/2021 (and in Denver Gazette and Religion News Service).

— Documents the email in which SBC leader Augie Boto berates the work of Rachael Denhollander and I and says that it is part of a “satanic scheme.” “Character is destiny for the Southern Baptist Convention,” by David French, The French Press, 6/13/2021.

— “So long as the Executive Committee controls purse strings, I’d expect problems.” What I said re the EC’s hand-selecting & contracting with a firm to investigate itself. “Southern Baptist board okays probe into sex abuse controversy,” Associated Press, 6/11/2021.

— “When you have a theology that teaches that women are essentially lesser, no one should be surprised when women are treated as being lesser…It winds up creating a culture & a dynamic in which rampant misogyny flourishes.” (Quoted in video) “Sexual abuse pushed to top of agenda for Southern Baptist Convention,” by Terry Mattingly, Knoxville News Sentinel, 6/10/2021.

— Captain Cassidy quotes my tweets talking about how little has changed in the SBC in its treatment of clergy abuse survivors. “And now scandal finds a THIRD Hillsong church,” Patheos (Roll to Disbelieve blog), 4/29/2021.

— Asked about the SBC doctrine of female submissiveness & male headship, I say: “It sets up interpersonal and institutional dynamics that help to foster abuse and cover-ups. The SBC’s pervasive misogyny inculcates attitudes that, at best, are limiting of female potential, and at worst, are disrespectful and dehumanizing.” “Growing number of Southern Baptist women question roles,” Associated Press, 3/24/2021 (with embedded video).(reprinted by ABC News, Times-Union, Houston Chronicle, San Francisco Gate, The Daily Progress, Arkansas Democrat Gazette & more, and video reincorporated by Knoxville News Sentinel and The Oklahoman)

— Captain Cassidy lists me as a “top name to know” watching on the sidelines of SBC infighting among the factions. “The two factions forming in the SBC right now,” Patheos (Roll to Disbelieve blog), 3/14/2021.

— Talking with Jimmy Hinton and Clara Hinton about the StopBaptistPredators database, the new BaptistAccountability database, the likely high numbers of abusive Baptist clergy who are still hiding, and why SBC action is still needed. Speaking Out on Sex Abuse Podcast, 9/10/2020.

— Telling my story while talking with Jimmy Hinton and Clara Hinton. Speaking Out on Sex Abuse Podcast,  9/3/2020.

— “Christa Brown’s story is infuriating. It is an early warning system that abusers have been protected and promoted in the SBC and the leaders who said they really care, don’t really.” “Open letter to the people of First Baptist Orlando,” The Wartburg Watch, 7/1/2020.

— New online database of Baptist sexual offenders was “inspired by the work of Christa Brown.” “New database tracks Baptist predators ‘of all flavors’,” Baptist News Global, 6/9/2020.

— Reporting that the new BaptistAccountability database is based on the work of survivor/advocate Christa Brown who calls for the SBC “to work with an independent review organization to document cases of abuse by clergy.” “Third party sex abuser database goes online for Baptists,” Alabama Baptist, 6/7/2020.

— In response to J.D. Greear’s unexpected third year as SBC president, Christa Brown “again requested the creation of a database that would track abuse allegations against those who’ve worked in SBC churches.” “What does COVID-19 mean for Southern Baptist abuse reforms?” Houston Chronicle, 3/30/2020.

— “Courageous & determined women like Dee Miller & Christa Brown have been telling Southern Baptists for decades that their convention has a clergy sex abuse problem. Yet…the convention has yet to deal with the problem in any meaningful way, regardless of rhetoric….” “Baptist men, it’s time to listen to Baptist women,” Baptist News Global, 3/2/2020.

— Explaining that the SBC & IFB’s shortcomings in vetting pastors “don’t just put people in danger — they unfairly burden survivors of abuse.”….“The entire burden fell on me…And sometimes I still wonder, ‘Was it worth the enormous angst that it required?’ It is beyond exhausting.” “SBC leader’s tweet renews scrutiny of pastor’s past and shows limits of sex abuse reforms,” Houston Chronicle, 1/31/2020.

— Christa Brown said “if the SBC president can ‘advise’ churches to keep an abuse enabler out of the pulpit, it raises the question of why the denomination cannot advise and inform Southern Baptists about independently determined credible allegations of clergy sex abuse through a database.” “SBC president blacklists former leader accused of enabling abuse,” Baptist News Global, 1/27/2020.

— When an ERLC attorney contacted me, wanting me to share my experience, I wrote back that initiating contact via attorney was a serious misstep. The entirety of my emailed response is quoted here. And in comment, Amy Moore highlights exploitive & duplicitous way in which SBC included me in its Caring Well brochure.  “Another SBC/ERLC dopey move: Their attorney appears to be contacting victims,” The Wartburg Watch, 1/17/2020.

— In discussing the ERLC’s end-of-year fundraising email, in which it solicited donations to help it “stand with” clergy abuse survivors and “equip them to make their voices heard,” I discuss the “disappointing disparity” of the ERLC’s pretense of helping survivors with the reality that “the vast majority of SBC survivors receive no support at all.” “Abuse survivors cry foul over ERLC’s end-of-year fund-raising appeal,” Baptist News Global, 12/18/2019.

— Russell Meek states that Christa Brown “has raised the alarm regarding same sex abuse in the SBC.” “The SBC’s same sex abuse problem,” Religion News Service, 12/18/2019.

— Appointment to the Board of Directors for the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. “Meet your new SNAP Board Members,” 12/12/2019.

— Explaining that, by failing to protect the privacy of those who report abusive clergy & cover-upping churches, the SBC Credentials Committee “places an unfair burden on those who already carry the weight of abuse.” And it’s also “other pastors, deacons, church secretaries (who may want to file complaints). All of them I think will be intimidated.” “Southern Baptists unveil abuse reporting process, but critics say it fails to assure anonymity,” Houston Chronicle, 12/3/2019.

— Speaking about a Baptist church wanting to hire a pastor with abuse allegations, I said, “He doesn’t have a good track record here of how he has used the power of the pastorate. That’s what this is, an abuse of power, and it’s because there is a power differential between the pastor and the congregants who look up to him with absolute trust and who make themselves vulnerable.” “What is pastoral abuse? Survivors, advocates explain why this misuse of power is wrong,” The Tennessean, 11/8/2019.

— Speaking to Al Mohler’s stated desire to lead the SBC, I point out that Mohler’s rhetoric is similar to his predecessors who failed to deliver. “It’s not just enough to say you care. There has to be action.” “Towering Baptist figure wants to lead SBC amid strife, sex abuse crisis,” Houston Chronicle, 11/1/2019.

— Quotes me, explaining that those abused in faith communities face “an extra dimension of spiritual harm… It’s a soul-murdering kind of offense.” “‘I don’t know about normal love’: A church leader’s abuse and a woman’s years-long struggle,” Washington Post, 10/25/2019. (See also The Messenger-Inquirer, 10/25/2019.)

— Todd Benkert reviews my book. “This Little Light: A reflection on Christa’s Brown story,” SBC Voices, 10/14/2019.

— J.D. Greear says that “myth has caused us…to mischaracterize the words of people like Christa Brown.” Article references my book, This Little Light, and quotes me: “The only truth resides in the reality of their deeds.” “SBC President: We failed to heed victims’ voices,” Christianity Today, 10/7/2019.

— Quoted: “For me, the only truth resides in the reality of their deeds. Action is what matters. Action is what will protect kids and congregants.” “Abuse survivors urge Southern Baptists to listen, then act,” Houston Chronicle, 10/5/2019.

— Observing that, for its “Caring Well” conference, Southern Baptist leaders opted to invite survivors whose stories were deemed “risk-free for the SBC.” “They have picked those who don’t ask anything of them at this point.” “Southern Baptists ready to put spotlight on sex abuse crisis,” Associated Press, 9/30/2019. (See also Religion News Service, 9/30/2019; “Southern Baptists say they’re ready to put spotlight on sex abuse crisis, but some are skeptical,” Press-Herald, 9/30/2019; Charlotte Observer, 9/30/2019.)

— Radio-Television-Suisse includes part of my speech from the For Such a Time as This Rally in Birmingham along with 15 minutes of interview time with me talking about the systemic problem of Southern Baptist clergy sex abuse. “En Alabama, les Baptistes du Sud doivent affronter leurs abus sexuels,” Radio-Television-Suisse, 6/23/2019. (part 2 is here)

— “Years ago, she started, a website cataloguing accusations against Baptist sex abusers…. All of these folks’ ideas ran along the same lines as the ones Christa Brown suggested years ago when she began her one-stop shopping site for Reasons to Totally Reject Fundagelicalism.” “Beth Moore at #SBC2019: The SBC pretends to care about her past abuse,” Patheos, 6/18/2019 (Captain Cassidy).

— “She was the true prophet who called out sex abuse in the SBC. There are a bunch of men who should hang their heads in shame for how she was treated.” “Observations of #SBC19,” The Wartburg Watch, 6/17/2019.

— “It was the first SBC meeting Christa Brown had attended in years. For more than a decade, she had warned SBC leaders about the abuses she suffered at a church near Dallas, hoping to prompt them to action and spare others from trauma. Few listened. Some berated her….” Quoted: “Even the best intentioned people, if they’re working in a system that fundamentally lacks structures for accountability, then they will not be able to effect change within that system.” “As SBC vows to change, survivors ‘devastated’ by past failures,” Houston Chronicle, 6/15/2019.

— My “How many kids will it take?” remarks from the For Such a Time as This Rally are extensively quoted, and David Clohessy describes me as “the Rosa Parks of the Protestant child safety movement.” “Just like Rosa Parks and other pioneers and social movement leaders, Christa has endured all kinds of persecution and harassment.” “Abuse victim advocates pledge to keep fighting for reform in the Southern Baptist Convention,” Baptist News Global, 6/12/2019.

— “This movement — the Baptist child safety movement — was sparked by someone else who’s with us in Alabama today: our dear friend and trusted mentor and guiding light and moral force — Christa Brown.” Remarks by David Clohessy at the For Such a Time as This Rally, 6/12/2019.

— Christa Brown “challenged whether Southern Baptist efforts around this issue have been sufficient.” “Southern Baptists vote to name abuse as grounds for expelling churches,” Christianity Today, 6/12/2019.

— David Clohessy’s speech, describing me as “the Rosa Parks of the Protestant child safety movement.” David Clohessy of SNAP speaking at Southern Baptist Convention 2019.

— Video of my speech and others at the For Such a Time as This Rally in Birmingham, starting at about the 6:00 minute mark. “Anti-abuse organizers rally outside of SBC annual meeting,” CBS 42, 6/11/2019.

— Quoted: “Almost every Southern Baptist survivor I have ever spoken with has said the trauma from the institutional betrayal far exceeded the trauma from the abuse itself…. Imagine: As horrific as child sex abuse is, even greater harm is being done by the complicity of so many others in this denomination that turns its back.” “‘Children are being hurt’: Rally calls on Southern Baptists to do more to prevent sexual abuse,” Commercial Appeal, 6/11/2019.

— “How many more kids will it take before the Southern Baptist Convention will do what other faith groups do and at least begin keeping records on credibly accused clergy sex abusers?” “How many kids will it take? Protesters demand Southern Baptists do more to fight clergy sex abuse,”, 6/11/2019

— On the subject of the SBC’s new standing credentials committee and constitutional amendment, I’m quoted: “So much more needs to be done…. It’s a step. Is it a good step? No. Because it’s so tiny.” “SBC passes sex abuse reforms, acknowledges more work is needed,” Houston Chronicle, 6/11/2019.

— Ahead of the SBC annual meeting, Christa Brown says, “I expect there will be a lot of talk — probably very fine-sounding talk, but real action toward making kids safer will be minimal. I think their proposals are more oriented toward SBC image-polishing than toward genuinely protecting kids.” “Southern Baptists have been immersed in their own sex abuse scandals. Now they’re debating their response,” Washington Post, 6/11/2019.

— In radio conversation about the SBC and clergy sex abuse, I’m quoted: “I think they are still approaching this more from a position of trying to do damage control in the wake of all this media rather than approaching it truly from a position of trying to protect children, trying to care for wounded people.” “Houston Matters: Sex Abuse and the Church,” Houston Public Media, 6/10/2019.

— Quoted saying that any eventual clergy abuse database in the SBC “has to be independently administered to provide survivors with a safe place to report.” “Southern Baptist Convention due to focus on sex abuse,” Los Angeles Times (AP), 6/8/2019. (See also “Sex abuse crisis tops agenda as Southern Baptists convene,” Houston Chronicle and WPSD Local 6, 6/8/2019; “As Southern Baptists meet in Alabama, sex abuse tops agenda,” PBS, 6/9/2019.)

— “Other speakers at the rally… include long-time abuse advocate and former Baptist coordinator for SNAP, Christa Brown….” “Abuse survivors take center stage in lead up to next week’s Southern Baptist Convention,” Baptist News Global, 6/7/2019.

— Quoted in voice recording: “The pattern just keeps repeating itself…. These decades of horrific abuse-enabling institutional patterns that do not change. And, yes, you know, they say nice things…. we’ve seen these words over and over again. They promise that they’ll pledge to do better, that they’ll establish strong policies, yada, yada, yada. But nothing really changes in reality. So, it is all talk and it is not true action…. And even now, after all this, after all this media, after all this publicity, we don’t really see that they are engaging this problem with transparency…. Until there are consequences for the enablers and the cover-uppers, I think we can pretty well assume that the preacher-predators will persist.” “Report: More sexual abuse uncovered in Southern Baptist churches, includes missionaries,” Houston Public Media, 6/3/2019.

— I’m honored to be named with other extraordinary woman as bloggers exposing abuse in churches. Brown “who started the Stop Baptist Predators blog in 2006 says she has received hate mail for years; commenters and faith leaders alike have called her ‘Jezebel,’ ‘an opportunist,’ and ‘spawn of Satan’.”  “The crusading bloggers exposing abuse in Protestant churches,” Washington Post Magazine, 6/3/2019.

— Dee Parsons of The Wartburg Watch honors me by calling me “the mother of all abuse bloggers.” I’m also quoted in responding to the SBC’s shift of a conference to focus on sexual abuse: “Talking about clergy abuse is nice, but more action is what’s needed. Southern Baptists will not meet this challenge by engaging in damage-control measures only after media exposure.” “Southern Baptist group overhauls conference to focus on sex abuse crisis,” Houston Chronicle, 5/1/19.

“Profiles in Goodwill: Christa Brown,EthicsDaily, 3/20/19.

— In response to a Texas bill that would grant immunity to churches that disclose sexual abuse allegations against a pastor, I said it was a step in the right direction but “victims too should receive immunity for good faith disclosures.” “Bill would let churches, nonprofits disclose sex abuse allegations,” Houston Chronicle, 3/14/19.

— In response to the story of a pastor who had allowed an admitted child molester to stay on as a music minister, I said, “It’s dangerous when it takes several years and massive media attention for even an admitted child molester to finally be removed from a position of trust.” “Pastor seeks forgiveness for letting alleged sex abuser stay on staff,” Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 3/9/19.

— Discusses my 2007 appearance before the SBC Executive Committee’s bylaws workgroup to ask for the creation of a database of clergy predators, and I’m quoted as saying that Southern Baptists need to “interrogate their own theology.” “As Southern Baptists weigh a predator database, a look at how they work,” Sojourners, 3/7/19.

— Stating that Christa Brown “critiqued the denomination’s minimizing and enabling of abuse.” “Sexism has long been part of the culture of Southern Baptists,” The Conversation, 3/6/19.

— Quoted: The “bogus, too-hasty effort” of the bylaws work group “is a good illustration of why Southern Baptists need an independent professionally-staffed review panel to assess clergy abuse reports…. There are countless more abuse survivors waiting in the wings for a safe place to report — or often to re-report — clergy perpetrators, and all of their allegations merit responsible inquiry.” “SBC leader steps down after newspaper expose about abuse and cover-up,” Baptist News Global, 3/4/19.

— In response to the resignation of SBC Executive Committee member Ken Alford, who claimed he was unfairly criticized, I said: “What’s ‘unfair’ is for any SBC insider group to presume to investigate the SBC’s own affiliated churches. And that’s an unfairness that harms children, both now and in the future.” “Southern Baptist official resigns, cites ‘unfair’ critiques of decision to end inquiries,” Houston Chronicle, 3/3/19.

— Christa Brown called it “a Saturday night massacre of hope for any near-term change on sexual abuse within the Southern Baptist Convention.” “Activists are outraged after SBC abruptly cancels investigations into 7 churches,” Relevant Magazine, 2/26/19.

— In response to the SBC’s Saturday evening statement clearing churches called out for disregard of sexual abuse, I described it as “a Saturday night massacre of hope for any near-term change on sexual abuse within the Southern Baptist Convention.” “Southern Baptist leadership quickly clears 7 churches, sparking outrage among victims,” Houston Chronicle, 2/25/19.

— When SBC leadership immediately cleared 7 of 10 churches that had been called out for “wanton disregard” of sexual abuse, I said it was “a perfect illustration of why, even if they tried, the Executive Committee itself could not possibly do responsible inquiries on abuse and cover-ups in the Southern Baptist Convention. These sorts of inquiries must be transparently conducted by an outside independent third-party who can bring to bear expertise, objectivity and credibility.” “SBC leadership group reserves judgment about churches named in media reports about abuse,” Baptist News Global, 2/25/19.

— “It’s so hard to have patience in this situation because so many people have been crying out for years — Christa Brown, me over the last year, advocates who have been saying these things for years,” said Jules Woodson. “‘People have been crying out for years…’ Survivors respond to SBC’s recommendations on abuse,” Sojourners, 2/22/19.

— Christa Brown and David Clohessy said there had been “far too many reports over the last year of Baptist clergy sex abuse and church cover-ups, indicating that both victims and churches need help.” “Look back: SNAP seeks ‘transparent’ study of clergy sex abuse,” EthicsDaily, 2/22/19.

— “Christa Brown, an abuse survivor and advocate, first suggested creation of a system to receive, evaluate and share information about known or credibly accused abusers in Southern Baptist life in 2006, said she would like to hear less talk from SBC leaders and more action.” “I’m going to wait for action — the real deal of a database — before I start applauding the words,” said Brown. “Abuse survivors, activists to rally ‘for such a time as this’ a second time,” Baptist News Global, 2/20/19.

— Christa Brown said the “SBC still has a long ways to go….J.D.Greear promised ‘bold steps.’ This isn’t bold. It’s bare-bones.” “Southern Baptists share strategic plan to address sexual abuse,” Huffington Post, 2/19/19.

— “If they can interfere with churches that hire women pastors or are too welcoming of LGBT people, why can’t they do anything about churches that keep sexually abusive pastors in the pulpit?” “Southern Baptist leader sorry he supported accused pastor,” Associated Press, 2/15/19. (reprinted in The Miami Herald, 2/15/19)

— In response to Al Mohler’s apology for having long supported C.J. Mahaney despite abuse cover-up accusations, I note that Mohler’s apology came only on the heels of massive media coverage, and suggest Mohler should return the $200,000 that Mahaney and SGM gave to Southern Baptist Theological Seminary or else donate it to an organization that aids abuse survivors. “Mohler regrets embrace of religious leader accused of hiding sex abuse,” Louisville Courier-Journal, 2/15/19.

— “God always sends warning before judgment. The SBC ignored the warning from the ‘prophetess’—Christa Brown. Now, the SBC is facing judgment.” “Warning always comes before judgment,” Dwight McKissic blog, 2/14/2019.

— My Houston Chronicle quote about the credentialing of Southern Baptist ministers makes a headline: “It’s a perfect profession for a con artist.” Longreads, February 2019.

— I’m quoted: “It’s a perfect profession for a con artist, because all he has to do is talk a good talk and convince people that he’s been called by God, and bingo, he gets to be a Southern Baptist minister. Then he can infiltrate the entirety of the SBC.” “Lack of central authority poses challenges for Southern Baptists amid abuse scandal,” Catholic News Agency, 2/13/19 (and in National Catholic Register).

— A shout-out to me and my book in Ms. Magazine! “From sexism to sex abuse in the Southern Baptist church,” by Susan Shaw, Ms. Magazine, 2/12/19.

— “Christa Brown told the Houston Chronicle that the SBC’s lack of protective policies for sex abuse victims is dangerous.” “Southern Baptist Convention presidents named in abuse poll,” Patheos, 2/11/19.

— “Christa Brown told the Houston Chronicle that SBC’s lack of protective policies is dangerous. ‘It’s a perfect profession for a con artist … Its a porous sieve of a denomination.'” “380 Southern Baptist leaders accused of sexually abusing 700 people over 20 years,” Christian Headlines, 2/11/19.

— “They have known about this. They have known for years…. they have held to a devil’s bargain of choosing institutional protection over the protection of children. So now, whatever nice-sounding words they may say, whatever so-called commitments they may profess, it is all as clanging cymbals. Only action will hold any meaning.” “Newspaper story on sexual abuse in SBC was a long time coming for activist Christa Brown,” Baptist News Global, 2/11/19.

— In massive investigative report on Southern Baptist clergy sex abuse and cover-ups, I’m quoted: “It’s a perfect profession for a con artist, because all he has to do is talk a good talk and convince people that he’s been called by God, and bingo, he gets to be a Southern Baptist minister…. Then he can infiltrate the entirety of the SBC…. It’s a porous sieve of a denomination.” “Abuse of Faith: 20 years, 700 victims: Southern Baptist sexual abuse spreads as leaders resist reforms,” Houston Chronicle, 2/10/19.

— Quoted: “It’s a perfect profession for a con artist….” “Investigation reveals rampant sexual abuse in Southern Baptist churches,” by Hemant Mehta, Patheos, 2/10/19.

— “Say a prayer or send a kind thought or note to Christa Brown … who for years confronted complicit Baptist bureaucrats while compassionately listening to and helping Baptist victims. She’s a real hero.” David Clohessy, former SNAP national director, “Marking an odd ten year anniversary,” SNAP blog, 10/23/18.

— Quoted refuting Franklin Graham’s cavalier dismissal of the sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh: “Sexual assault is not some ordinary ‘teenage’ thing…. These allegations must be fully vetted by people who are experts in dealing with allegations of sexual violence. To do anything less than that is to be dismissive of sexual assault and sends a terrible message.” “Preacher Franklin Graham claims Brett Kavanaugh abuse allegation is irrelevant,” Huffington Post, 9/19/18. (Requoted in “Franklin Graham says Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s abuse allegation against Brett Kavanaugh is irrelevant,” Inquisitr, 9/19/18.)

— When the kind of “justice” dished out by religious leaders is more akin to torture, and when court-administered forms of “justice” are mostly foreclosed, what’s left but to pursue some type of self-restorative “justice”? Harry Bruinius tells a small piece of my story, naming abusive minister Tommy Gilmore. “With no verdict, how survivors of child sex abuse find own sense of justice.” Christian Science Monitor, 9/18/18.

— Quoted on the subject of “what would justice look like” for clergy sex abuse survivors: “What finally underlies all forms of justice is truth…The need for truth within all these processes, within all these systems, within all these faith communities — and especially the need for truth within our very souls and our hearts.” “For survivors of priest child sex abuse, what would real justice look like,” Christian Science Monitor, 9/14/18.

— Author/activist Christa Brown says “evangelicals should create a new organization, operating independently of the local churches, to assess reports about sexual abuse committed by church officials.” “Evangelicals confront sex abuse problems in #MeToo era,” Associated Press, 8/17/2018. [Reprinted in The Washington Post, 8/17/18, and in the Chicago Sun-Times, 8/17/18]

— Advocates recommend Christa Brown as an expert to the Southern Baptist Convention’s presidential advisory group on how to better prevent and respond to reports of sexual abuse. “Advocates seek transparent probe into alleged abuse failures by SBC,” Baptist News Global, 8/3/2018.

— In talking about the extraordinary work of Australia’s Commission on Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette points out that Christa Brown has long urged “something akin to a truth and reconciliation commission” on clergy sex abuse in this country. “Whether it’s an attorney general’s office or some other outside organization… yes, it is needed.” “Could a grand jury find sexual abuse among non-Catholic organizations? Religious leaders say yes,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6/25/18. [Reprinted as “Victims’ advocates: Abuse not a ‘Catholic problem’,” Philadelphia Inquirer, 6/25/18.]

— Quoted stating that “very little” has changed “institutionally” since SNAP first wrote to the SBC in 2006: “I believe it is inevitable that, eventually, the denomination will cooperatively empower an independent review board that receives and archives abuse reports — hence, a database. Sadly, I think it will take many more wounded kids, many more high-profile scandals, and many more lawsuits. But someday — I do believe it is inevitable.” “Southern Baptists and #MeToo: Advocates for church sex abuse victims push for reform,” Salon, 6/18/2018.

— Responding to Al Mohler’s call for independent third-party investigations of abuse allegations, I challenge him to make the same call with respect to his own faith group, the Southern Baptist Convention. An independent review board and archive of abuse reports “are still much-needed if this denomination wants to get real” about dealing responsibly with sexual abuse. This article provides a condensed history of efforts to foster accountability in the SBC and also tells my story, including the vignette about an SBC Executive Committee member berating me in a public meeting as “a person of no integrity.” #AlMohlerToo: Did a Southern Baptist power broker just get woke?” Baptist News Global, 5/30/2018.

— Quoted at length in a story about a pastor’s serial abuse of teens at First Baptist Church of Modesto, the church cover-up, and the pastor’s continuing career at Highlands Church in Scottsdale, Arizona. “This pattern of protecting the ministry is one we’ve seen over and over in evangelical churches, and the time for change is long overdue.” “Back rubs with teen girls evolved into sex; another former Modesto pastor accused,” The Modesto Bee, 4/21/2018.

— Pointing out that SBC Executive Committee president Frank Page, who resigned in scandal due to a “morally inappropriate relationship,” was the same SBC official who had previously flung “unfounded and baseless accusations” at SNAP-Baptist and at Christa Brown, and that he did it “to avoid having to confront how widespread sex abuse is in his denomination and having to meaningfully track those abusers.” “Frank Page shows us what a mighty fine clean cup the SBC has,” Patheos: Roll to Disbelieve, 4/3/2018.

— On the resignation of Southern Baptist Convention CEO Frank Page, I’m quoted: “… his legacy is also notable for how he disparaged and dismissed those who tried to bring to light clergy sex crimes against children….” (by publicly branding us as “opportunists”) “For many clergy sex abuse survivors, that hateful slur is what we will most remember about Frank Page — that and the fact that, on his watch, no one in SBC leadership would help us in seeking to warn others about abusive ministers.” “Southern Baptist leader steps down over moral ‘indiscretion’,” Baptist News Global, 3/28/2018.

— Responding to an evangelical pastor who urges complementarian theology for the prevention of sexual abuse, I’m quoted: “Because complementarian theology promotes a power differential between men and women, it fosters the sort of abuse of power that devolves into sexual abuse.” “Evangelical pastor claims traditional gender roles can prevent sexual abuse,” Huffington Post, 3/26/2018.

— In California story of a Baptist minister who had 30-year career in ministry even after others knew about his abuse of a kid, I’m quoted: “What about all the other people who knew, who for 30 years could have raised some question of whether this guy was fit to be working in a position of trust, and kept their mouths zipped…? Until the cover-uppers face consequences, this will keep happening.” “Former Modesto pastor placed on leave at Kansas City church,” The Modesto Bee, 3/1/2018.

— Quoted in case of Baptist clergy sex abuse cover-up in California: “The notion that you better forgive and the grace of God will redeem him is lovely sounding in the abstract, but it can get twisted to be enabling. There need to be consequences for cover-uppers.” “Teen said Modesto pastor abused her. Church ‘swept it under the rug’,” The Modesto Bee, 2/24/2018.

— On the subject of sexual abuse in evangelical churches, I’m quoted in the Huffington Post: “The toxicity of this combination — a lack of accountability structures and a patriarchal theology — taints evangelical culture at its very core…. What most evangelical groups now have is a system that tells abuse survivors to take their complaint to the local church ― i.e., the church of the accused pastor. This is akin to telling bloody sheep that they should go to the den of the wolf who savaged them.” “First woman to accuse Nassar says church can be one of ‘worst places’ to go for help,Huffington Post, 2/2/2018. (Reprinted at Yahoo News)

— The Washington Post quotes me as “an expert on church abuse scandals and coverups”: “Religious leaders use forgiveness theology as a cover and as an avoidance of accountability. And it’s a way of further shaming victims. … Faith can be a very powerful thing, and power without accountability is a dangerous thing.” “A pastor admitted a past ‘sexual incident’ with a teen … His congregation gave him a standing ovation,” Washington Post, 1/10/2018.

— In connection with the sexual abuse allegations against Paul Pressler, I’m quoted explaining how religiosity often gets used in the grooming process: “In the stories of scores of Baptist clergy sex abuse survivors, I have heard this sort of religious messaging used as a weapon for perpetrating terrible crimes against kids. When forged with the evil intent of a child molester, the voice of God’s authority creates a weapon more powerful than any gun for ensuring the quiet compliance of kids who have been raised in the faith community’s bubble.” “SBC leaders mostly mum on Pressler lawsuit, but bloggers fill the void,” Baptist News Global, 12/14/2017

— On the Baylor/Ken Starr scandal, I was quoted and my book referenced: “The Findings of Fact reveal patterns of institutional failure at Baylor that are similar to what we have seen in the handling of sexual assault allegations within many other organizations, including many Baptist organizations,” I said. “They are systemic and embedded patterns, and it will take a strong and long-continuing institutional commitment to eradicate them.” “Baylor shake-up continues with Starr’s resignation,” Baptist News Global, 6/1/2016.

— In connection with a proposed resolution “on sexual predation in the Southern Baptist Convention,” linked to my column and stated, “Christa Brown discusses the limits of that resolution, and what more the SBC needs to do.”, “The Revolution is just a T-shirt away,” 4/20/2016.

— Boz Tchividjian quotes from my book in pointing out the likelihood that more children are abused in Protestant churches than in Catholic churches. “My friend Christa Brown…writes ‘Eddie always said that God had chosen me for something special…'”, “‘Spotlight’: It’s not just a Catholic problem,” Religion News Service, 12/07/2015.

— Boz Tchividjian quotes from my book in column about the dynamics of spousal abuse in connection with the case of NFL player Ray Rice. He points out how the pastor worried more about the image of the church than the violence in my family. “#WhyIStayed: How some churches support spousal abuse,” Religion News Service, 9/12/2014.

— In discussing how Southern Baptist churches often demonize those who attempt to report clergy abuse and allow predatory clergy to church-hop, I state: “Until Southern Baptist leaders can honestly acknowledge the wrong in what they have done in the past and until they will hold accountable those pastors who have covered up for clergy sex crimes, no one should expect the future in Baptistland to be any different.” “Trial shines light on alleged abuse cover-up,” ABP News, 5/14/2014.

— My book, This Little Light, is quoted by Rachel Marie Stone in a Religion News Service article: “One of the saddest aspects of clergy sex abuse is that it not only inflicts the grievous trauma of sexual abuse but it simultaneously yanks a powerful resource for healing.” “A new haven opens for survivors of clergy sexual abuse,” Religion News Service, 3/14/2014.

—  My book, This Little Light, is described by Religion News Service writer Boz Tchividjian. “Not only did the church’s silence allow an offender to escape justice…but it shouted to young Christa that she was worthless and not worth protecting.” “A church silent in the face of evil is no church at all.” Religion News Service, 2/14/2014.

— From an article by Frederick Clarkson of Political Research Associates: “Christa Brown… suggests that SBC leaders have not created mechanisms for disciplining those who ‘cover-up for the unspeakable crimes of their colleagues,’ either because they are afraid or because they just don’t care. She also observes that there is no denominational process for assessing clergy abuse reports, keeping records of ministerial abuses, or providing a way to inform congregations about accused ministers. ‘One of the best ways to protect children in the future,’ Brown concludes, ‘is to hear the voices of those who are attempting to tell about abuse in the past. Those voices almost always carry ugly, hard truths – truths about not only the preacher-predators but also about the many others who turned a blind eye or who were complicit in covering up for clergy child molestations.’ “When the ‘Family Values’ agenda includes child sex abuse,”, 1/27/2014.

—  Quoted on the subject of a $12.5 million clergy sex abuse verdict against the Florida Baptist Convention: “Cases such as this are what it will take for kids to eventually gain better protection against preacher-predators in the Southern Baptist Convention…. I believe it is only a matter of time before courts will recognize that, in the context of clergy sex abuse, Southern Baptists are distorting their doctrine of local church autonomy so as to make it function as a legal strategy for minimizing the risk of liability rather than as a true religious doctrine. When courts finally recognize that reality, Baptist denominational entities will not be protected against their long, immoral and unconscionable history of do-nothingness in the face of clergy abuse reports.” “Lawyer: Abuse verdict possible game-changer,” Associated Baptist Press, 1/22/2014.

— “A leading advocate for victims of sex abuse in the Southern Baptist Convention offered a remarkable idea. Christa Brown of Stop Baptist Predators suggested a Truth and Reconciliation commission, modeled on the one that helped South Africans put the horrors of apartheid behind them, might also help the Southern Baptist Convention come to grips with its child sex abuse scandal.” Frederick Clarkson, Child Sex Abuse Crisis of the Religious Right Grows, Daily Kos, 12/10/2013.

— Quoted extensively on the subject of why outsiders are essential to any organizational system of accountability in Rick Cohen’s article on “The Dangers of Keeping Organizational Secrets.” Nonprofit Quarterly, 11/7/2013.

— In “Evangelicals behind Catholics on Abuse,” my book is referenced and I’m quoted talking about “many of us who were abused by the sexual predation of evangelical ministers and re-abused by the bullying of other evangelical leaders who wanted to keep the abuse quiet.” Baptist News Global, 9/27/2013. Also in Evangelicals ‘worse’ than Catholics on sexual abuse,” Christian Century, 10/10/2013.

— Quoted extensively by award-winning religion writer Peter Smith on evangelicals’ need for something akin to a “Truth and Reconciliation” Commission for confronting clergy sex abuse in their ranks. “Evangelicals urged to confront sexual abuse,” Louisville Courier-Journal, 8/15/2013.

— Quoted on the subject of the SBC’s 2013 annual convention, calling it “another year of Baptist do-nothingness” on clergy sex abuse and noting that Southern Baptists promised nothing but prayer for clergy abuse survivors. Associated Baptist Press, 6/14/2013,

— “‘I just can’t imagine a more recalcitrant church hierarchy’, Clohessy commented … after witnessing interactions between Southern Baptist Convention leaders and SNAP’s then-Baptist representative, Christa Brown. ‘I’ve seen Baptist officials be stunningly cruel to her — in person and in print.'” “SNAP leader shames Mahaney supporters,” Associated Baptist Press, 5/30/2013.

— Quoted by Rachel Marie Stone in a PRISM Magazine article, stating:  “It is a huge blind-eyed mistake for faith communities to seek to explain the harm of clergy sex abuse by focusing only on the clergy perpetrators. Faith communities must take a hard look in the mirror and begin to see the ways that they themselves inflict egregious additional wounds through complicity and a failure of compassion.” PRISM Magazine, Jan.-Feb. 2013

— “There’s nothing about autonomy that precludes denominational structures,” said Christa Brown. “Other large congregational faith groups have regional bodies that assess a minister’s fitness to continue ministry.” “Fate of accused abusive pastor in the hands of his flock,” Religion News Service, 12/13/2012 (and reprinted in Washington Post 12/13/2012).

— Quoted re case of a multi-accused Missouri Baptist pastor preaching that people’s “salvation is conditional” on how well they forgive, I said: “When a Southern Baptist church faces a crisis like this, the easiest thing to do is just to let the guy go — he moves to a different state, gets a job at another church, and there’s no record of his actions. If a minister isn’t literally sitting in prison, he can find a Southern Baptist pulpit to stand in.” (Also quotes David Roozen re denominations weighing responsibility and liability issues.) “Fate of Baptist pastor accused of abuse is in hands of his flock,” St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 12/9/2012

— Quoted on the subject of a church’s First Amendment defense: “Merely because something may be legally possible doesn’t make it morally right.” “Sovereign Grace Ministries Statement sees First Amendment threat in lawsuit over sexual abuse,” Louisville Courier-Journal, 11/27/2012 (via Bishop Accountability)

— References my book and quotes me: Clergy sex abuse is a “soul-murdering” offense. “Millennials losing their religion,” Associated Baptist Press, 6/25/2012

— Quoted: “It will take the long dogged development of the law to eventually prod [the Southern Baptist Convention] into action.” “Florida Baptists challenge abuse ruling,” Associated Baptist Press, 6/12/2012

— Quoted and my book referenced in article about $12.5 million verdict in sexual abuse case. “The denomination must provide a safe place where clergy abuse survivors can make a report with a reasonable expectation of being objectively and compassionately heard.” “Florida Baptist Convention found liable for former pastor,” Orlando Sentinel, May 17, 2012.

— Analysis of Southern Baptist abuse stories logged on shows that churches are rarely the first reporters of sexual abuse. In 2006, Brown began urging the SBC to have an independent review board and to keep a database. “News analysis: Churches not typically first reporters of sexual abuse,” Baptist News Global, 11/22/2011.

— Provides a brief description of what happened in my case: “It is the community that often causes even more harm than the molesting minister …. She contacted 18 Baptist leaders in churches, state conventions and the SBC, and all responded it was not in their job description.” “Advocate says Baptists ill-equipped to address sexual abuse by clergy,” Associated Baptist Press, 10/14/2011

— Quoted saying that a church’s legal argument for privilege with respect to information about suspected child sex abuse was “tenuous.” And “even if it is a possibility as a legal argument, that doesn’t necessarily make it a morally right argument, particularly when it’s an argument being asserted by the church. ” Associated Baptist Press, 9/1/2011

— Investigation Discovery’s “True Crime with Aphrodite Jones” interviewed me as an expert on Baptist clergy sex abuse for its “Twist of Faith” program about “murdering minister” Matt Baker. The program aired on April 28 and May 1, 2011.

— In its March 10, 2011 issue, Réforme magazine published a profile story about my book, This Little Light, and about clergy sex abuse among Southern Baptists. Réforme is the largest Protestant publication in France. Kudos to journalist Alexis Buisson for a stellar article! You can read an English translation of it here.

— Reporting that, for her efforts, Brown was “publicly branded” by top SBC officials. “Though the stories of clergy sex abuse victims may be deeply troubling, in truth, we bring a gift to the faith community,” I say. Mentions book reviews in London and Paris.  “Church honors advocate for abuse victims,” Associated Baptist Press, 12/7/10.

— The French book review magazine, Books, published a review of my book, This Little Light, titled “L’Eglise Baptiste, Paradis des Pedophiles.” Books, Nov. 21, 2010.

— Book review: “In Baptist style, she moves from testimony to evangelism, detailing her struggles to convince the church establishment to try to prevent future abuse by other ministers…. Like states’ rights, congregational autonomy turns out to be conveniently useful for protecting the powerful.” “All Part of His Plan,” Killing the Buddha, Aug. 13, 2010.

— On April 14, 2010, Jaime Romo, of Healing and Spirituality, interviewed me about my book, This Little Light: Beyond a Baptist Preacher Predator and His Gang.

— “How tragic that so many were wounded over such a long period of time before Pierce was finally stopped. This speaks to the need for Baptists to create a place where people may safely report clergy abuse with the expectation that their reports will be responsibly assessed and acted on.” “Former music minister sentenced for sexual abuse,” Associated Baptist Press, Aug. 30, 2009.

— “My world shifted dramatically when I became a mother in January, and when I picked up Brown’s recently published book ‘This Little Light: Beyond a Baptist Predator and His Gang’ a few weeks ago, I saw Brown’s story with new eyes. What if someone tried to do this to my daughter?… ‘This Little Light’ should stir Baptist leaders to action. And it should help all of us understand just exactly what’s at stake.” “Christa Brown’s saga resonates more for me now that I’m a mother,” Austin American Statesman (full text reprint by Eileen Flynn in The Grand Scheme), July 4, 2009.

— “Oh hell, the book pulled all my strings. In the end, I could not put it down.” “Review: This Little Light,” Deep Thoughts, 6/18/2009.

— “The simple act of telling her story opens the door for a variety of discussions….” “This Little Light by Christa Brown,” Christian School Confidential, 6/16/2009.

— “If you can read this story and not be deeply affected, I can’t imagine how.” (a book review) “The Invisible Holocaust in Our Church,” Because It Matters (Danni Moss), 6/13/2009.

— “Moving, eye-opening, shocking and even suspenseful… Christa Brown does not hold back in this courageous account of her journey from impressionable clergy sex abuse victim to tenacious advocate.” “Book Recommendation: This Little Light,” Good Hard Working People, 6/11/2009.

— Reviewing my book, tracking my battle, and pointing out that it was not until I went to the media that Gilmore was forced to resign when the Orlando Sentinel, “ignoring the threat of a lawsuit,” reported his name. “Book says SBC lacks system of preventing sexual abuse,” Associated Baptist Press, June 9, 2009.

— “I wish that people would look more closely and ask themselves, ‘Are kids in Southern Baptist churches any safer today because of anything that was done?'” “Save Yourselves,” Nashville Scene, June 19, 2008.

— I’m quoted: “Unless and until there is a safe place to which the victims themselves can report abuse with some reasonable expectation of being objectively heard … everything else will be window dressing.” And Wade Burleson says the committee took the abuse issue “very seriously” and suggests it was an “adequate response.” “Southern Baptists elect president, dismiss abuse database,” Religion News Service, June 11, 2008.

— “Southern Baptist officials have made a response that amounts to little more than a Band-aid on a spouting femoral artery. If a man can remain a Southern Baptist minister until he is convicted and shows up on a sex-offender registry, then this sets a terrifyingly low standard for Southern Baptist clergy.” “SBC officials recommend against national database of clergy sex offenders,” EthicsDaily, June 11, 2008.

— The Associated Press quotes me: “Having a review board that would assess the credibility of allegations against clergy could be a great resource for local churches, especially small churches. It doesn’t step on the toes of local churches. It helps local churches.” “Southern Baptists elect a president, reject sex-abuse database,” USA Today, June 10, 2008.

— Eileen Flynn of the Austin American-Statesman writes my story, names abusive minister Tommy Gilmore, and describes me as “the public face” of Baptist clergy sex abuse survivors. In the Southern Baptist Convention, she says, “the buck stops nowhere.” “Crusader confronts Baptists on abuse,” Austin American-Statesman, June 9, 2008.

— Quoting me in discussing a Pennsylvania lawsuit and saying that the SBC’s wall of legal protection will eventually crumble: “I believe it is inevitable that there will come a time, chink by chink, when that wall will be torn down. A wall that protects clergy sex abusers and child molesters cannot stand.” “The Bad Shepherd,” Nashville Scene, 4/24/2008.

— “Who does he think he is telling Debbie that God will ‘not bless’ her? God will decide whether to bless us, not Paige Patterson.” “SBC seminary president labels clergy sex abuse victims’ group ‘evil-doers,'” EthicsDaily, Feb. 15, 2008.

— Quoted describing the SBC’s use of autonomy as an excuse for failing to protect kids against clergy predators an excuse that is “bogus and blasphemous.” “What would Jesus say?Nashville Scene, 2/14/2008.

— When the director of a Baptist Children’s Home wrote a letter urging no prison time for a convicted child molester, I said: “It’s deeply disturbing that a Baptist leader with 30 years worth of children’s home experience would so minimize this terrible crime. And it’s a betrayal to Illinois Baptists that this man would so misuse the ‘Baptist Children’s Home’ name as to turn it into a support system for a child molester.” “Baptist Children’s Home exec sought on prison for clergy sex abuser,EthicsDaily, 12/19/2007.

— “Media staff at a large moderate Baptist state convention” referred to Christa Brown as “THAT woman” while criticizing their coverage of Brown’s advocacy work re clergy sex abuse. (BGCT & Ferrell Foster) “Does matter?” EthicsDaily, 11/19/2007.

— I ask: “Why was there not one other person in that all-white, all-male room who would even call his colleague on the carpet for such harsh language directed at a Baptist clergy abuse survivor…. Any wonder that victims don’t report abuse? It’s the same ‘kick-the-messenger’ pattern in most churches.” “Clergy sex abuse survivor questions fairness of SBC Executive Committee study,” EthicsDaily, September 21, 2007.

— Requesting that the Bylaws Workgroup of the SBC Executive Committee be “open and transparent” about the methodology and resources for its purported study of the feasibility of a clergy sex abuser database. Members referred to SNAP in adversarial terms as “critics that lack integrity and will not be satisfied no matter what.” “SNAP calls for ‘open and transparent’ study of sex abuse by clergy,EthicsDaily, September 18, 2007.

— Christa Brown “has been calling for such a national database for months, in addition to an independent review board to receive and investigate credible reports of clergy abuse, and pass that information on to people in the pew, making it harder for predators to move from church to church undetected.” BGCT has about 100 “confirmed cases” in its confidential file of ministers admitted or credibly accused of “sexual misconduct” including child molestation. Tells part of my story. “SBC to consider national clergy sex-offender database,” EthicsDaily, June 11, 2007.

— “Even if (Baptist leaders) can’t actually remove men from ministry, they could at least take on the obligation to inform people in the pews…. For any innocent minister to be falsely accused of sexual abuse is a horrible thing. The only thing I can think of that would be worse would be to suffer actual abuse by a minister and then to be disbelieved or attacked by your faith community when you attempt to report it — and to see your rapist still standing in the pulpit.” “Breaking the cycle,” Baptist Standard, June 8, 2007.

— “The weapons used by clergy sex abusers are the faith and trust of others and the mantle of authority that the church and denomination puts on their shoulders. These weapons must be taken away and cannot safely be put into their hands again…. Baptist leaders are still making a huge and terrible mistake in that they are effectively choosing to err on the side of restoring the wanderers rather than on the side of protecting against the predators.” “Stepping over the line: Should sexually straying clergy be restored to ministry?” Baptist Standard, June 8, 2007.

— The SBC’s numbers “come up short,” says Brown, in response to Will Hall’s statement that there had been only 40 “incidents” of abusive clergy in the past 15 years in the SBC’s 44,000 churches. Poll shows 96% of Tennessean readers think SBC should create a database. “If Southern Baptist churches can work cooperatively for the benefit of ministers’ retirement, why can’t they also work cooperatively to protect kids against clergy child molesters?” “SBC official says relatively ‘low’ number of cases proves system working against sexual predators,” EthicsDaily, May 14, 2007.

— Kaye Maher said she was sexually harassed by two ministers, one of whom was Tommy Gilmore. Responding to SBC president Frank Page’s attack on SNAP, I said, “How sad that the leader of the largest Protestant denomination…would choose to publicly attack the motives of a self-help support group for child-rape victims. It’s unchristian. It’s unkind. And worst of all, it’s unproductive. It does absolutely nothing to make other kids any safer.” “SBC president questions motives of SNAP, says sex abuse everywhere,” EthicsDaily, May 2, 2007.

— Brown said that the system of the Southern Baptist Convention “allows preacher predators to move from church to church, seduce the devout and the young, and often get away with it.” “Preachers accused of sins, and crimes,” ABC News, April 30, 2007.

— Speaking about how “there are no firm numbers” on Southern Baptist clergy sex abusers, I state: “The lack of data should be attributed to Southern Baptists themselves because they don’t keep records.” “Southern Baptists confront their own sexual abuse scandal,” Religion News Service, April 20, 2007.

— Calling SBC president Frank Page’s remarks “a slap in the face” for SBC abuse survivors. “We are crime victims, not ‘opportunistic persons…seeking…personal gain.'” “SBC president labels sexual abuse critics ‘opportunists,'” EthicsDaily, 4/20/07.

— When SBC official Augie Boto defended the presence of convicted child molesting sex offenders on the SBC’s ministerial registry, I described it as a “disheartening” response reflecting “institutional denial,” pointing out that “most ordinary, decent people might expect that religious leaders would immediately take action.” “SBC officials criticize ‘Predator-Preacher’ report on 20/20,” Ethics Daily, April 18, 2007.

— No one at the SBC has ever apologized for telling Brown that the SBC had no record Tommy Gilmore was still in ministry, even though he was and had been all along, including at very prominent churches. “SBC president says denomination looking into sex offender registry,” EthicsDaily, April 16, 2007.

— “What’s so terrible about this crime is that the weapon is the kid’s faith,” quoting me from ABC’s 20/20 show. Frank Page is quoted saying “we’re looking into that” regarding possibility of an SBC clergy predator database. “20/20 investigates sexual abuse in SBC,” Associated Baptist Press, April 15, 2007.

— “I was ignored, insulted, given misinformation and intimidated. Those kinds of deeds do not send a message of ‘even one is too many.’ They send a message of ‘what was done to you doesn’t matter.'” And pointing out that, while calling on churches to prosecute offending ministers may “sound tough,” the reality is that most cases cannot be criminally prosecuted. “SBC president says sexual abuse by clergy not ‘systemic,'” EthicsDaily, April 4, 2007.

— For program aired in April 2007, ABC 20/20 interviews me for its show on “Preacher Predators.” (link shows parts 1, 2 and 3)

— “If I were a parent with a kid in a Southern Baptist church…I would pick myself up out of that Baptist pew & march my family down the street to a Presbyterian church…. If a congregation chose to retain a minister even after an objective review board concluded a report of child molestation was credible, then I expect the church’s insurance carrier might step in and exercise some influence.” “Former SBC President Defends Denomination’s Record Against Clergy Sex Abuse,” EthicsDaily, 3/2/2007.

— Pointing out that Catholics and Presbyterians reached outside their usual bylaws and structures in order to better protect kids. “Over and over…they say that their hearts are truly broken….but what we are looking for is deeds, deeds that will actually serve to make kids safer.” “Southern Baptist lawyer says independent abuse panel not possible,” Religion News Service, Feb. 24, 2007.

— “I believe kids are not safe in Southern Baptist churches.” “Sex victim advocates eye Southern Baptists,” Associated Press, 2/21/2007 (reprinted by CBS News, Houston Chronicle, New York Times, Fox News and more).

I attended meeting of the Bylaws Workgroup of the SBC Executive Committee where I told my story. The reception was not good. This provides names of the Bylaws Workgroup members. “SBC leaders deny charge of unresponsiveness about clergy sex abuse,” EthicsDaily, 2/21/2007.

— “Be good shepherds,” Brown said. “Southern Baptist work cooperatively for all manner of endeavors, and they must also work cooperatively to rid their ranks of clergy predators.” “SBC Executive Committee to discuss SNAP requests,” EthicsDaily, February 20, 2007.

— My story, naming abusive minister Tommy Gilmore. I’m quoted: “No one wants to see a repeat of the Catholic sex-abuse and cover-up scandal, but unless Southern Baptists start dealing with the problem effectively and compassionately, that may happen.” “Group asks Southern Baptists to address clergy sex abuse,” EthicsDaily, 2/19/2007.

— Quoting Joe Trull: “Nondenominational churches and Baptist churches who have autonomous church government are more vulnerable and susceptible” to instances of sexual abuse. Quoting Lee Orth: “What you’ve got is a lot of little popes sitting out there and they’re infallible…It’s almost like little kings, little fiefdoms.” Paraphrasing me that “Baptist leaders would not let autonomy delay action if they truly cared about protecting children from abuse” & urging “independent experts to investigate.” “Baptist churches more vulnerable to clergy sex abuse, experts say,” Associated Baptist Press, 1/23/2007.

— Quoted: “A dog may get one bite but a minister doesn’t get one kid…You don’t wait to see if it’s going to happen again.” “Bellevue investigates minister for ‘moral failure,‘” EthicsDaily, 12/6/2006.

— Discussing the BGCT’s secret file & quoting me: “The contents of the file are kept secret from the very people who are most in need of knowing what’s in it — the parents in the pews of Baptist churches.” Emily Row says “not all of the people in the file” were guilty of child abuse. “Not all?” “Are Baptist leaders doing enough about clergy sex abuse revelations?” Associated Baptist Press, 12/7/2006.

— “Survivors of sex abuse by clergy asked the SBC…to develop a comprehensive nationwide strategy….Christa Brown wants a denomination-wide policy of zero-tolerance for sex offenders and establishment of an independent review board to investigate and educate churches about sexual abuse…’What would a good shepherd do?’ she asks. ‘Recite the mantra of congregational autonomy or protect the young?'” “Advocate says Baptists slow to confront problem of clergy sex abuse,” EthicsDaily, 9/29/2006.

— “Survivors of clergy sex abuse…calling on the nation’s second-largest faith group to take concrete steps to protect children from sexual predators in the church…Called on the SBC Executive Committee to establish an independent review board with adequate funding to receive and investigate charges of sexual abuse by clergy, educate churches about its existence and adopt a ‘zero-tolerance’ policy toward churches that shield suspected sex offenders.” “Southern Baptist leaders challenged to get tough on sex abuse by clergy,” EthicsDaily, 9/27/2006.

“Lawsuit charges sexual abuse of teen by Florida Baptist minister,” Orlando Sentinel, 10/22/2005.